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Bariatric Surgery

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Pre Surgery Instructions

Before you undergo bariatric surgery, your surgeon will give detailed instructions specific to your needs, however, the following are some of the generic instructions which are followed pre-surgery.

  1. No food or liquids (water) after 10pm from the previous night.
  2. If you are not sure of bowel movement on the day of surgery you may have 2 tablets Dulcolax on the previous night.
  3. If you are anxious you can have 5 mg Valium at bedtime.
  4. If you are on medication for high BP you can have the tablet with just 1 sip of water early on the surgery day.
  5. Have a bath at home; clean the abdomen well.
  6. Be sure to carry along all the test reports, prescriptions & incentive spirometer.
  7. Do not forget to carry 2 pairs of loose, washed clothes (kurta, lungi/pyjamas or nightie etc) in case the hospital clothes do not fit you well.
  8. An adult companion should be present for signing consent form & logistical reasons etc
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