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The Pregnancy Diet and the Child’s Obesity Risk

Date: September 28, 2016

As per a study performed by the University of Southampton, it has been found out that the mother’s diet during her period of pregnancy has effects on the child that last a lifetime. This is irrespective of the mother being overweight or underweight at the time. The study has proven that all that mattered was the mother’s choice of foods in this period.

Epigenetic Changes
These are changes in the DNA’s function, in the baby. There are no actual changes that happen to the DNA, but this change to its function alone is enough to change the way the baby would store fat in the body later on in life. This is also nondependent on the weight of the infant at birth.

The changes manifest throughout the lifetime of the baby. The way the body responds to diet and changes in the lifestyle when the child grows into an adult is influenced as well.

The Study
The study in context observed babies at the time of their birth – regarding epigenetic changes in their DNA and found them to be very influential on the child’s body weight status, even 9 years later. The team of researchers made a statement saying that the study was the most urging evidence that interventions in the adult life alone were not good enough to undo the changes in gene function and prevent the epidemic of chronic diseases. This was relevant to both well developed and underdeveloped populations.

Traditional care was right!
This study proves that traditional care for prospective mothers existed for a reason and to guarantee a healthy population, the fundamental effort and focus should be always on the diet of those who are about to be parents. This is important, as any ‘fixing’ attempted after the baby is born, is very less effective.

Hence, to sum it up, the pregnancy diet goes a long way for the child and must be prepared with care.If you would like to know more about it, please feel free to drop us a message.

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