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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Experience

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Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

I had tried various methods of slimming therapy and nothing worked, I saw in TV about bariatric sleeve surgery and the benefits on long run. Did thorough investigation on the side effects if any before going for surgery. Initially i was consulting Fortis but was not confident as the doctor seem to be busy and was not ready to explain on the process. Later through internet I found your details as the most experienced doctor in this field and consulted. My first experience on meeting you impressed me as i felt i met some Godly personality who was so caring and explained all the details patiently and was willing to support me even post surgery on regular basis. Which clearly explains that the process is not handled as a business but was more on consultative process. The whole experience was like staying in home away from home. Right from the nurse to anesthetist and surgeon all work as a family were taking care of me through out the stay during my stay at Nova. In other hospitals i haven’t seen the anesthetist interacting after the surgery whereas here the anesthetist visited me many times and ensured i am fine. He also recognized me after one year and spoke to me so nice. The Surgeon team were talking to me so nice before the procedure so that I feel comfortable and not nervous. That gave me lot of confidence. Recovery was very fast, I stayed in hospital only for one night and did not ask any relative to stay at hospital to support me as i had the confidence on the nurse. I had taken 2 weeks leave but started going to work in 5 working days and even the 5 days when I was at home was working from home on my laptop for few hours. I was able to walk post surgery after 2 hours and went to washroom next day with help of nurse. I feel i got new life now and started loving myself. Get highly motivated when everyone compliments me about my looks. Feel 10 years younger, best compliment is when some people thought that me and my 14 yrs old daughter are sisters 😉 Very happy and satisfied. Thanks to Dr.Bhat and team. I have lost 37kgs in year. Feel more energetic and young. Would recommend Nova, have recommended Nova even for other treatment.
  • Poornima (amchigirl@gmail.com)
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Surgical Success

Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

Although I was born in family where we had hereditary issue of being obese, I tried all my life to get slim or at least look normal as other people do. But it was vain. Though I always knew its one life, and I really need to become new person to achieve all that I desire from life. That time I realised I need a Surgery. I wanted to have it and I ended up having it. Support from family and initiative from my boss directed me towards NOVA speciality Surgery where I met Dr.M.G,Bhat. A tall, fit and “Young Man” with 40 years of expertise. He well explained, guided and managed my Bariatric Sleeve Surgery. And it was really hassle free. Just one and half day hospitalisation. Four days of good rest at home. After that I resume to work fifth day. No complication, No uneasiness as I followed his instructions exactly. Now I am committed to myself to take good care of me. I feel absolutely great and I am raring to go.
  • Maya Somale (maya.somale@gmail.com)
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