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Secret to Eating Healthy

Date: May 15, 2017

With the obesity epidemic on the prowl, one needs to be careful about what goes into our body. So the next question is do you eat right? The answer isn’t straight forward as many points need to be considered.

A little knowledge about foods is essential here; complex carbohydrates like whole grains which take time to digest should be given preference in place of simple carbohydrates like flour and sugar which get digested fast and leave you feeling hungry sooner. You also need to eat more of lean proteins and avoid the processed meats. Poultry, fish, beans and eggs are great sources of proteins.

A healthy diet should have colorful fresh vegetables and fruits which are high in vitamins and minerals; for maximum nutritional value, steam them or eat them raw. If you are unable to access fresh veggies, go for frozen, but avoid the canned variety as these loose most of their nutritional values.

A little knowledge about foods with bad transfats and saturated fats comes in handy when going for a healthy diet. Processed foods are also unusually high in salt as well as bad fats so keep away from them.

And when it comes to fluids, always keep a bottle of water handy; skip on the fruit juices as they usually come loaded with sugars that add to calorie intake. Alcohol should be taken in moderation too to keep the weight under control – you could go for a slim glass instead of short, fat glasses, to help you practice moderation!

Practice portion control when eating; bigger plates mean bigger portions, so opt for small plates to help control portion sizes. Eating in front of the TV should also be avoided as the mind has no control when engrossed in some serial or sports match. Fast foods or snacks are a tasty journey towards gaining weight and should only be consumed as a rare treat and in controlled amounts. With the modern restaurant culture of dining out, keeping a tab on what you eat gets tough, especially when it’s a buffet. Choose your food discerningly and opt for baked dishes instead of fried ones and keep your distance from the dessert tray!

Never skip meals as it encourages over-eating and snacking later in the day. Each meal is important as the body needs refueling at regular intervals. Avoid fad diets as they come with too many rules and regulations that aren’t always practical to follow and people tend to give up on them on the long-term. So any weight lost while on the diet usually comes back and this type of yo-yo effect may not necessarily be good for health.

So concentrate on healthy eating, feeling physically and emotionally good and having the energy to enjoy each day – while still having room for the occasional treat!

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