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Bariatric Surgery

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Obesity – Treatment and Drugs

In the last 30 years or so, obesity has been on the rise, and currently it has attained the dubious honor of reaching the status of a global epidemic. Despite moaning and groaning over it, people don’t really bother with their increasing weight till it starts interfering in their lifestyle or they develop some obesity-associatedRead More

Is Weight Loss Surgery Meant for You?

Opting to go for surgery is a major decision, and when the surgery has more to do with aesthetic reasons than health issues, you really need to be sure you need that surgery. Going for weight-loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery involves a comprehensive weight management plan. Your doctor will first tell you thatRead More

Is Diet and Exercise enough to Control Obesity?

Obesity is a growing epidemic the world over, even as some war-torn countries on the other end of the graph are facing famine and under-nourishment. Growing urbanization, lack of time to cook nutritious meals and an overdose of adverts from media propagating unhealthy fast-foods are some of the main causes for this epidemic. The currentRead More

India, the Third Most Obese Country of the World

As of today, there are over 2.1 billion obese people worldwide and that means almost 30% of the world population. The flip side of the coin shows that that there are over 780 million people, representing about 12.9% of the developing nations that are going hungry; this paints a rather sad picture of the stateRead More

Childhood Obesity – A Global Epidemic

There is a global obesity epidemic raging throughout the world and it’s not restricted to just the developed nations; developing nations are equally affected by this condition of excessive weight accumulation. In 2013, the American Medical Association even undertook a somewhat controversial decision to classify obesity as a disease in an attempt to get itRead More

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