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Bariatric Surgery

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Weight Loss Drugs – Pros and Cons

With improving economies, health facilities and nutrition the world over, the foodies of the world have gone all out to splurge such that we are now being faced with an increasing global obesity epidemic. Going out of shape and into being overweight, and then finally becoming obese is a tasty journey, but it comes withRead More

Types of Weight-Loss Bariatric Surgeries

Weight-loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery helps in reducing weight in those with morbid obesity and its associated health complications. Bariatric surgery is a relatively new field with lot of innovations and improvements in techniques being introduced to help manage weight problems. With obesity rapidly becoming a global epidemic sometimes simple measures such asRead More

Secret to Eating Healthy

With the obesity epidemic on the prowl, one needs to be careful about what goes into our body. So the next question is do you eat right? The answer isn’t straight forward as many points need to be considered. A little knowledge about foods is essential here; complex carbohydrates like whole grains which take timeRead More

Preventing an Obese India

Urbanization and development come with their own backlashes, and when it’s something to do with health issues, it becomes time to sit up and take notice. People in cities are increasingly leading sedentary lives and due to increased cost of urban living, are unable to afford increasingly expensive healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. SoRead More

Obesity – Treatment and Drugs

In the last 30 years or so, obesity has been on the rise, and currently it has attained the dubious honor of reaching the status of a global epidemic. Despite moaning and groaning over it, people don’t really bother with their increasing weight till it starts interfering in their lifestyle or they develop some obesity-associatedRead More

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